Cory Carnley

Cory Carnley

A Little About Me.

In addition to being a tobacconist and travel writer, Gainesville, Florida native Cory Carnley is a native Floridian. He also has experience working as a bartender for a hotel.

He transformed his interest in travel into a thriving enterprise through his marketing and business savvy. He may be a world traveler, but he is still passionate about premium cigars and other tobacco goods.

Discussions on Journeys as Subjects for Essays

Someday, Corey planned on leaving the country. He loaded up his possessions and set out on an adventure, planning to make a living through his writing and photography. He concluded that he enjoyed traveling, particularly within his own country. To fund his wanderlust, he started a travel blog detailing his travels and describing how he makes money from his website. His goal is to visit all 50 states; he has already been to 44. The native Floridian is an avid traveler who writes and takes photographs.

Cory Carnley recognizes the importance of travel to achieve his objective of everlasting learning. His experiences overseas have broadened and deepened his worldview. Because of his love of domestic travel, he now has a more nuanced understanding of the United States' past and present. He encourages others to broaden their horizons and experience something new as he travels the world.

Nicotine Addiction

To celebrate turning 18, Carnley lit up a cigar. Because he had so much pleasure, he devoted his life to learning everything he could about tobacco and making premium cigars.

Through study and personal experimentation, his knowledge of tobacco products grew to include premium cigars and cigarillos, "gas station cigarillos," chewing tobacco, cigarettes, dipping tobacco, hookahs, nasal snuff, pipes, and pipe tobacco.

Thanks to his education, he was well-equipped for a tobacconist profession. Qualifications as a tobacconist demonstrate a deep understanding of and enthusiasm for fine cigars. They enable the holder to guide others in purchasing their first cigar and determining their tastes. Since high-end cigars are frequently enjoyed with fine wines or liquors, Cory Carnley advanced his education by learning how to bartend and become an ethical vendor.

Work in the Field of Lobbying

As a result of his interest in quality cigars, Carnley joined Cigar Rights of America at the age of only 21. The organization is organized by cigar smokers who want to ensure that future generations can experience the benefits of hand-rolled cigars. All the latest news on lobbying activities, new products, upcoming events, and the best cigar bars and lounges is relayed to the members.

Young people play a significant role in the Cigar Rights of America, according to Carnley. More young people in an organization means more clout with policymakers and the public. As a bonus, the club gives cigar enthusiasts an excellent opportunity to network with one another.

Knowledge and Accomplishments in the Field

Carnley's passions outside of work have given him an edge in his career.


By applying his intelligence, tenacity, and determination, Cory Carnley was able to turn his passion for domestic travel into a successful business. To acquire inbound connections, he has mastered digital marketing through affiliate marketing, SEO, guest blogging, sponsored linking, YouTube videos, and media interviews.

Smoking and entertaining

With his expertise and education, Carnley is a prime candidate for a position at a fine dining establishment that offers quality cigar and booze experiences. As a seasoned tobacconist, he can provide exceptional service to cigar newcomers and specialists. In addition, Cory Carnley finds out which complements go best with cigars and how to counsel customers on tobacco blending and storage.

The tobacconist's credentials are expanded to include bartending and ethical vending certification. When discussing the sale of alcoholic beverages, the term "responsible vending" refers to regulations that prevent sales to minors and discourage intoxicated motorists from operating vehicles. Businesses in Florida that engage in ethical vending activities may be eligible for premium reductions.

Cory Carnley's ability to specialize in domestic travel, cigarette, and alcohol sales through hard work and study exemplifies his drive to succeed and advance. The key to achievement is a burning desire to succeed and a dedication to lifelong learning.

Assisting Each Other in Turn

Sharing the knowledge he has acquired via hard work is one of Cory's contributions to society. Teaching others about fine cigars is something he takes pleasure in doing. His excitement for travel is contagious, and he loves to share it with others. Ultimately, Cory shows his readers how to make money online by turning their passion for travel (or any other hobby) into a website.

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